Today mom, dad, and I, along with my partner Rob, met with Judie Cassidy at the Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation to establish a scholarship endowment that will create an enduring and meaningful legacy for my brother: the Kevin S. White Memorial Art Scholarship Endowed Fund. We are thrilled that investment of this fund will continue to support annual scholarships for undergraduate art students at FGCU forever. The first scholarship will be awarded in fall 2014!

Donations to the Scholarship Fund will enable us to provide more or larger awards than the endowment alone. There are a number of non-traditional students studying visual art at FGCU who would benefit from this support, and we'd like the scholarship to reflect the generosity Kevin demonstrated toward friends and strangers in need. Donations to the Kevin S. White Memorial Art Scholarship should be made directly to the Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation; see Donate for details!   

I'll post more information about the scholarship and selection criteria soon. Thank you for your patience over the past year as I continued to grieve and muddle through the many alternatives and opportunities associated with the scholarship development process...I'm so glad the scholarship has a home at FGCU! We have no doubt that Kevin would be pleased. 

Happy Holidays! Hug the ones you love...starting with your siblings. It's too easy to take their presence in your life for granted.
The Whites are in the process of developing their vision for a scholarship that honors Kevin's passion for art and for helping other people. Who's eligible for the memorial art scholarship? Great question! Here's what we're thinking:

To be eligible, an applicant must…
  • Be an undergraduate student enrolled at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), and
  • Be an art Major in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at FGCU, and
  • Have earned 30 or more credit hours from a nationally-accredited post-secondary institution.  

Note that:

  • Preference will be given to non-traditional students and those pursuing their first bachelor’s degree.
  • Relatives of Kevin S. White as well as members of the Application Review Committee or their relatives are not eligible for the scholarship.

In addition, the winning Applicant(s) must: 
  • Be passionate about sharing art with people and/or promoting healing through their art.
  • Have overcome significant personal obstacles.
  • Agree to share images of submitted art to be displayed on the Kevin S. White Memorial Art Scholarship website. (The scholarship recipient will retain ownership of and credit for their work.)

Remember, these eligibility criteria are not final

Work on the Scholarship Application Process is also coming along. I'll post more information once we're sure the scholarship has a home university.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for every moment that I'm able to share with family, friends, and friendly strangers. 

- Deb